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Welcome to Bambini Montessori Academy

"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. "
- Dr. Maria Montessori, 1946

Bambini Montessori Academy is proud to provide your children an opportunity for outstanding Montessori education in a safe, nurturing environment. Children at Bambini Montessori Academy interact within the prepared classroom environment working at their own developmental learning pace, while adhering to principles of grace, courtesy, and respect for each other and learning materials.

Both individual and group learning experiences are emphasized within each classroom using Montessori materials. Content learning includes social interaction; work in the practical life and sensorial areas, music, art, and drama. Children at Bambini Montessori Academy are exposed to Language, Spanish, Math, Botany, Zoology, Science, Cultural and Geography. These rich layered strands of curriculum build progressively as a student advances through the Montessori educational levels.

We at Bambini Montessori Academy:
* Inspire a passion for excellence
* Nurture the curiosity, creativity and imagination born within us all
* Awaken the human spirit of every child

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